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Ministries of St Nicholas:

To get involved in any of our ministries please fill out our Time and Talent form and turn it into the office.

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Altar Servers

Altar and Rosary Society

Extraordinary Minister of the Holy Eucharist

Finance Council

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Landscaping Committee


Maintenance Committee


Pastoral Council

RE Teacher/Substitute/Aide


Altar Servers  

If you are interested in becoming an Altar Server, please read below and then contact the office to sign-up.          

Requirements for Altar Serving Candidates:        

  • Servers must have made their First Holy Communion

  • Servers should know how to genuflect properly

  • Servers should know how to make the Sign of the Cross

  • Servers can be boys or girls

How to prepare for serving:

  1. Prepare for the task.  Before you arrive at church, be sure to wear good clothes, such as a collared shirt and pants. However, in some albs, wearing a collared shirt is impractical. In addition, wearing smart clothes is not imperative as the congregation cannot see what you are wearing. However, be sure to wear smart, presentable shoes that you can easily walk in without tripping, as the congregation probably will see these. Refrain from wearing trainers, high-heels or flip-flops. If you have long hair, tie it back or wear it in a ponytail so that it does not get caught in anything. In some churches, altar servers often carry candles, so by not tying back your hair, you could risk it catching fire.

  2. Arrive at church at least 20 minutes before Mass begins.  The earlier you arrive, the more time you will have to prepare. When you first arrive at the church, be sure to remove any gum or candy you have in your mouth. It would be distracting and disrespectful to be chewing or eating something before or during the Mass.  (REMEMBER: You may not receive Holy Communion if you have consumed anything other than water one hour before Mass. If you do eat or drink something before Mass, you may wish to refrain from receiving Communion to avoid a Mortal Sin) If you will not be receiving Holy Communion, please do not serve.

  3. Go to the Sacristy the altar serving albs are kept. Try not to talk loud, but whisper. Put on your alb correctly by buttoning it up or zipping it up all the way. Sometimes robes simply go on over your head. Albs are usually girdled with a cincture, so be sure to put one on that is not too long and not too short. Try to wear it at around the same length as the other servers, but if you are unsure, again, ask a member of the clergy. If any of the albs are ripped or torn, let the priest or deacon know. Remember to choose an alb that fits you, coming down to your shoes.

  4. Decide who will be doing which jobs. Usually the Master of Ceremonies or deacon will decide this, but often the choice will fall on the most senior server available. If you are unsure which jobs need doing, ask the deacon or priest.

  5. Wait for the priest or deacon and, on some occasions, the bishop to join you at the entry to the church. And once you process into Mass, please--NO TALKING DURING MASS. Always have your hands joined. The lead server should rotate the younger servers in different duties. Different servers will lead the procession. Often it is the job of the cross bearer (crucifer), sometimes accompanied by the acolytes/candles, but a lot of the time, the thurible bearer (or thurifer) will lead. Don't start heading up the aisle until the priest tells you to or gives you a signal. Once you arrive at the sanctuary, stand off to one side of the center, wait for Deacon and Father to join you, genuflect if you are not carrying anything. If you are carrying something (e.g. cross or candles), make a profound bow before the altar. Next proceed to your seat, where you should stand. When going around the altar, make sure that you and your partner go around on alternate sides; one should go around the left of the altar, whilst the other should go around the right.

  6. Stand at your seats singing during the opening hymn, which will have been sung during your procession up the aisle. After the hymn has concluded, the priest will welcome the congregation. After the Collect (opening prayer) you will sit down, as will the congregation.

  7. During the homily, listen attentively to what the priest has to say. It usually relates to the scripture readings of the day, and carries important information about the Faith.

  8. At the preparation of the gifts, sometimes called Offertory, bread and wine are brought to the altar. Sometimes a cross bearer goes down the central to accompany the gifts to the altar. Most of the time, the priest and deacon will go to the entrance to the sanctuary to receive the gifts and hand them back to the servers to place on the altar.

  9. Bells - ring three times each for the elevation of the Host and the chalice. Kneel after the Agnus Dei (Lamb of God).

  10. Follow the local custom when receiving the Holy Communion. After receiving communion, servers will return to their seats.

  11. After the priest or deacon sings or says the dismissal, all of the servers will move to the entrance to the sanctuary in their pairs, usually in the same order that they processed up in. Walk forward past the altar, giving enough room for the other servers and clergy to stand behind you before turning to face the altar. Everyone in the procession will genuflect (except if you are holding something in your hands. You may bow your head, however). Turn and process to the back of the church by walking up the main aisle. The priest and deacon will usually stop at the entry of the church to talk to the congregation as they leave.

  12. Clean up. A server's job is not over at the end of Mass. Before hanging your robe back up, extinguish all of the candles using a candle snuffer to avoid blowing hot wax onto yourself, the altar or the floor. According to parish custom, the deacon/Master of Ceremonies may tell you if something extra needs to be done, or if something has been forgotten, e.g. preparing for another Mass. Hang up your alb neatly and cincture in their respective places.


  • Always go to the bathroom before mass. This is proper etiquette that is required.
  • Be quiet in the sacristy and avoid making unnecessary noise. At this time you can say a prayer before Mass begins.
  • Hang up your vestments after using them. Do not dump them on the floor of the cupboard, which is disrespectful to your church custodians.
  • When walking or sitting, hands should be held in one of two positions, locked together either at the chest or waist.
  • If two servers need to move then they are to move together, just don’t move without your partner. Usually servers will have partners, unless they are doing certain jobs, such as bearing the cross.
  • Be ready to help the priest or deacon, especially if he is a visitor to your parish. He may ask you some questions about how Mass takes place in your church. If he does, try to answer them clearly and concisely.
  • Try to spread things out evenly between you and the other servers. Don't make one server do all of the work! If there is an M.C or the deacon is distributing the jobs, they will make sure that this is so.
  • Most Priest now don't usually genuflect at the Altar. They only genuflect at the Tabernacle. If so, bow at the Altar and do not genuflect.
  • Remember that during Mass people are watching you. They do make comments to the priests and the M.C. about the servers' behaviour at Mass. Although this is usually praise, it is sometimes the opposite. To avoid this, you should not laugh or talk while serving. However, you may give instructions during Mass and help out servers if they are unsure what to do.

Altar and Rosary Society

All ladies of Saint Nicholas are honorary members and we invite you to become ACTIVE members of The Altar and Rosary Society.  Our members focus on two things...the Saint Nicholas ALTAR and encouraging others to pray the ROSARY.  We support our Church by providing for all of the needs of the Altar, including upkeep of the linens and vestments and decorating the Altar for special events.  We also encourage everyone to pray The Rosary and to live by our Blessed Mother's example.  She dedicated her life to serve God and others.

Living by Her example, we also provide for the children of our parish with First Communion, Confirmation and graduation celebrations.  We host a monthly Pot Luck luncheon to encourage fellowship.  We have various fund raising events to benefit our Church.  We are dedicated to helping others.  Please join us on the second Sunday of each month in our hall after the 11:15 Mass with your ideas and support.

Meetings: second Sunday of the month after the English Mass

Next Potluck Brunch: November 6


Extraordinary Minister of the Holy Eucharist

2016 EMHC Schedule

Click here for the English version of Guidelines and Norms of Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion in the Archdiocese of Denver booklet.

Click here for the Spanish version of Guidelines and Norms of Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion in the Archdiocese of Denver booklet (Normas y Directivas para los Ministros Extraordinarios de la Sagrada Comunion en la Arquidioce)

This booklet contains information for Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion that includes terminology, requirements, training, preparation, and ministry at parishes, homes and institutions.

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion are those men and women mandated by the Archbishop of Denver to share in the apostolic work of the Church when a true pastoral need exists as determined by the pastor, administrator or chaplain of a parish or other faith community.

Mandation of Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion is granted by the Archbishop, to whom written request is made by the pastor or chaplain of an institution, setting forth a description of the needs of the parochial (or other) situation, the names of candidates, an assurance that all those for whom mandation is being requested have been fully initiated into the Church with the sacraments of Baptism, Confirmation and Eucharist, are of sufficient Christian maturity with a definite relationship to the parish or institution to be served, and whose character and way of life reflect a serious and well formed faith and moral commitment. All candidates must be at least age 18, though exceptions to the age requirement can be granted by the Archbishop. They must publicly affirm the magisterium of the Church and are in good standing in the Church.

Finance Council

The Parish Finance Council meets once every quarter.

The role of the parish finance council is to assist the pastor in carrying out his financial responsibilities.

To summarize, the parish finance council is to assist the pastor in:

  • Evaluating, formulating, and planning the parish's needs for present and long range financial support

  • Adhering to the laws governing the administration of ecclesiastical goods

  • Preparing and monitoring the annual parish budget

  • Determining the best means of investing excess parish fund in accord with the moral and legal principles of the Catholic Church and in accord with archdiocesan policies

·         To learn more, refer to the Archdiocese of Denver Parish Finance Council Training Handout (link to http://www.archden.org/finance/ParishFinanceCouncilTrainingHandout.pdf)

NexNext Meeting: Monday, February 20, 2017


Fundraising Committee

The fundraising committee oversees all fundraising within the parish, making sure that fundraising efforts are not hampering one another.

If you wish to begin a fundraiser, please fill out the following forms and turn into the office for the fundraising committee's review.  Someone will be in touch with you soon after.

Fundraising Form

Fundraising Procedures               Procedimientos


Knights of Columbus

Men, imagine being part of an organization that fills your heart and your mind with the joy of giving to others and the feeling that comes with making a difference.

Knights of Columbus meet on the first and third Tuesdays of the month in Johnstown at St. John the Baptist, at 7:00 pm.

Landscaping Committee

The Landscaping Committee will be working to reconfigure and improve the sprinkler system this summer.  They will also be working re-sod the property, lay rock and add trees and bushes.



2016 Lector Schedule

It is necessary that those who exercise the ministry of reader … be truly suited and carefully prepared, so that the faithful may develop a warm and living love for Sacred Scripture from listening to the sacred readings.

The lector proclaims the Word of God to the assembled faith community. Men and women who accept the call to this ministry are presumed to be people of faith and lovers of Scripture, eager to serve the Christian community and willing to engage in ongoing formation and education.



Maintenance Committee

The Maintenance Committee is working to fix the chimney in the church.  The gutters on the church also need attention, to prevent water from running inside the walls of the church.  The Parish Hall roof was completed last summer and the inside of the hall repainted.

The Maintenance Committee meets on an as-needed basis.  The committee is always in need of new members, in addition to people who are able to add their labor to the chores at hand.




The English Mass is in need of additional cantors. 

Musicians (of any instrument) are also always welcome at either Mass.



Pastoral Council

The Parish Pastoral Council meets on the second Wednesday of every month at 7:00 pm.  The roll of the Council is to advise the pastor on developments of pastoral priorities. The Council helps the pastor to identify pastoral needs and to implement and evaluate pastoral programs. The Council assists with encouraging volunteerism and participation by the parishioners in the life and ministry of the Church.

Next Meeting: Monday, November 7



Religious Education Teachers,

Substitutes and Teacher Aides

Our Religious Education Program is always in need of additional teachers, substitute teachers and aides.  Our regular RE classes meet on Sundays, 9:30  – 11:00 am.

RCIA and Sacramental Prep Classes meet on Tuesdays, 7:00 – 9:00 pm.

To be a teacher, substitute or aide you must undergo a background check.  Please contact the office if you are interested in being a part of this very important ministry.




The role of Usher is to welcome people to the Mass, collect offertories and pass out bulletins at the end of Mass.  To be an Usher you must undergo a background check.



514 Marion Ave - Platteville, CO 80651 - Church & Parish Office hours: Wed & Fri 11:30am-3:30pm